Mission Shakti: Congress Feared, PM Modi’s Courage Made it Successful

On 27 March 2019, a new record was set in the history of India and the world. This day, India marked a great space achievement. India made a successful test in space by destroying a live satellite 300 km away in low earth orbit with the sheer hard work of our talented scientists. India developed and launched an Anti Satellite (A-Sat) Missile System to shoot down the live satellite in low earth orbit.

Moreover, we can understand the significance of this test by the fact that India is the fourth nation to achieve this feat. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji addressed the nation to announce this proud achievement.

He tweeted-

“India has today registered its name in the name of space superpower.”

In his message, PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji mentioned-

“India has achieved a phenomenal accomplishment today. India today registered its name as ‘Space Power.’ So far, Russia, the United States, and China had achieved this status; India has also achieved this now.”

PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji in his message said that this test would strengthen India. Assuring the world community that this technology is not a threat to anyone, he said-

“Anti-Satellite (A-Sat) missile of today will provide new strength to India from the perspective of the country’s security and development journey. I also assure the world community that this new achievement of our nation is not against anyone. It is a defense initiative of the rapidly growing India. India has always opposed the competition of weapons in the space and this technology has not brought any changes to this policy.”

According to the experts, India could have achieved this space feat ten years ago but the Congress government that was ruling at that time did not give it a go ahead. Previous governments lacked the courage to make such decisions because they were afraid of the world communities and feared to offer approval for any tests.

Not only ‘Mission Shakti,’ but it also took place during the Pokhran test when Congress governments could not approve the tests due to global pressure. During the Atal Ji-led BJP government, India conducted this test and became a nuclear power rich nation.

Similar to Pokhran Nuclear test, the Anti-Satellite missile test conducted under ‘Mission Shakti’ was also a major task which was successfully achieved under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. After this test, any rival nation would think twice before interfering with India satellites as their satellites would now be under the eye of our Indian missiles.

Rohit Gangwal
By Rohit Gangwal , April 1, 2019


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