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Dear Friends
I have been thinking of doing something and hence contributing something to this forum for a while but for about 2 months I have been rather busy with my own battles of life hence kept busy in them.

With a rather challenging and busy professional life, with a family to support and sustain, with 2 small kids to take care of and with cold winters in Delhi, I am happy to come back from office, have a cup of tea and relax with my family. What else should come in my daily life chores?Other available time and energy can be used to watch TV, check mails, social networking etc.
Though I strongly support the idea of having Narendra Modi as PM, I get excited at listening to his speeches and watching him on TV, yet 2014 is some time away and he will surely have my vote and that is all of it!.

The small above narrative is written by me for a certain purpose!
If I am not wrong and if every one of you introspects, I think almost all of you would feel the same way as I do above. We want a change to happen but none of us have time or energy or passion enough to be the agent of that change! -though almost all of us do have REASONS for this change, change that Narendra Modi should become PM of this country and help us win out small battles of our lives.

What we should all understand is that in India politics have now increasingly become a marketing and sales battle. Elections are won as much on good work and achievements as they are won on public perceptions and perceptions are made or destroyed in Main Stream Media (MSM) which is 24*7 present in our daily lives through TV, Internet or smart phones!
What we all should also understand is that this MSM is and have traditionally been rather anti BJP and more so anti Narendra Modi.

If you look at the leading media houses ownerships, most of them come across as Congress backed entrepreneurs, some are actually directly linked to Congress!
“Please go to :” to have a better insight into this unfortunate fact about the Indian media which more unfortunately carry their prejudiced school of thought into our drawing rooms and through a very clever marketing strategy makes ( or brakes ) opinions which significantly affect our lives !
This is perhaps the best known reason why the present Government is hell bent on putting restrictions on Internet as Internet is educating the electorate of this country which is politically negative for the ruling party.
If I were to quote a recent example which will be fresh in memories of you all, hence make the understanding of this better, let us examine your Television sets after the recent assembly elections held in Dec 2013, results of which came out on 8th December 2013.
The elections were a firm victory for BJP; the credit must go to Modi. However most of the discussions on TV and political news on TV is NOT about victory of BJP / MODI OR about failure or Congress and Rahul, IT IS ABOUT the (fluke) victory of Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal!

A nonstop effort is going on behind the scenes to project Kejriwal as the new hero of the politics and diminish the BJP and MODI effect from the public memory. What Kejriwal have achieved is great but is NEITHER new (Assam Gana Parishad did the same, in fact better when they won absolute majority in their debut elections in Assam and formed the Government in 1985) NOR a referendum on his honesty or his abilities to give a clean and efficient Government. Please remember AAP HAVE NOT DELIVERED an honest, clean and efficient Government! They have just made a promise to do so and Delhi population which have been at the receiving end of huge bad governance of Congress and UPA got into the bait of these promises hence 28 seats for Kejriwal.

Yes, If Kejriwal runs a Government for 5 years or for a reasonable time and is indeed able to prove himself and then again gets the same response from voters in the next elections, than he is indeed a person to be given a bow!

But if this will happen- will be answered in time and on the look of it, at least I feel this is not going to happen, AAP is running too fast for its cause. They have not made a Government in Delhi and already they are talking of Lok Sabha elections and stopping Narendra Modi!

24 hours coverage of Media and continuous television bytes have “ corrupted” these immature politicians and instead of delivering a good Governance and planning agendas for tomorrow, all they want to do is “ revel “ in their present victory and forget about the future. May be they themselves know that tomorrow will never be like today for them as what they have achieved today will not be able to be backed by their deeds of tomorrow. So like a Rakhi Sawant or Poonam Pandey they are trying to grab maximum TV time, after all there may be NO such tomorrow for them.

And then our great Media is also only too happy to dish out an Aam Aadmi Kejriwal (great marketing work by him) nonstop into our drawing rooms to diminish and belittle the great Modi wave which is at work outside of the national capital in the vast hinterlands of this large nation – India.

I can write a lot on fluke that AAP is, and why is it not worthy of our attention – leave aside our votes and that will put even most ardent of supporters of AAP into a re-think…
But this forum is not about AAP or for that matter Congress. This forum is about BJP and Modi and that is what we should discuss and talk about what Narendra Modi has done and why Modi deserves our attention, passion and above all our votes!

I strongly feel that in a democracy every voter should NOT blindly follow a leader, not even Modi and we should all have our own respective reasons for the same.
I will write in following days on why should support Modi and BJP and then we will understand why we need to spread this idea and awareness among our friends and then their friends!

Then maybe more from among you will also come out from his / her busy life and try to do what I am doing here – MAKE A DIFFERENCE to our lives and that of our children to come by getting a Government and a Prime Minister worthy of serving this great nation!

Pallav Johri

By admin , January 7, 2014


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