One of My Suggestion Towards 2019 Election – Shailesh Gopinath (Kerala State Convenor)

One of my suggestion towards 2019 election is that modi has to put forward the progress card which he was announced during last lokhsabha election.  Entire people of Bjp and sangh parivar will be more inspired with this decision and they will market it through online.  I hope they will be more happy by taking positive steps towards  uniform civil code,  Kashmir issue (article370), ayodya ramakshethra and inclusion of petrol and natural gases in GST.

Now farmers are joint hands together and we need to suppress the movement before spreading across India. For that we have to take new schemes or some positive actions in favour of them. Bjp as a party will look into the whole class people especially farmer,  tribal,  business class,  middleman. We can segregateas different categories them and implement positive schemes or any other ideas.

If whole class people have faith, then the allighing parties will not take any negotiations  other wise they will bargain like TDP.  Last time we created a modi wave and it reflects in the election. This time also we can, but before that we need to get faith from lower class people also. Note banning issue and action against corruption,  Swissbank account issue , action against terrorism.

Every action should come during before election as tsunami one by one and last moment should put forward the progress card will be an additional advantage.  Otherwise people believe that he is a fox wearing sheep’s clothes and a false promiser.

By Shailesh Gopinath , March 20, 2018


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