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Media (News) vs Narendra Modi vs Arvind Kejriwal

  1. There was a child who was living in a village which was on the hills. He never went to school and also never went to any place outside his village. Once, for the very first time in his life he went to Rajasthan to visit his relatives. There, one night when he was traveling through the desert he came across a camel. He had never seen the camel nor heard about it and after seeing it he thought it as to be a GHOST and was very afraid of it.
  2. (a) Stop – Not let him go AND (b)Stop NOT – let him go: Both the above sentences are very similar. They have an equal number and similar words and the same punctuation mark. However that punctuation mark when used differently – completely reverses the truth and implication of the statement as given above. A police officer may arrest the criminal or may let him go depending on whether he is instructed (a) or instructed (b).

What is the moral we draw from the above 2 statements? The first statement highlights the need of knowledge and why we need a good education and teacher?

In the absence of knowledge we can be even afraid of a camel in desert, which is otherwise the man’s best friend in the desert. Hence we need a good teacher which let us know about the truth.

Now coming to the second statement – It clearly imparts the need of good medium of knowledge. The biased media (news) can twist a statement and actually change the truth or the realty as I have shown above.

Media (news) gives us knowledge on which we can either take an object as a camel or as a ghost. Media has excellent powers, (especially for those who are not educated) and so much so that it can actually subvert the realty and change the truth and make a farcical thing look real and vice- versa!

Against this back ground now take the present media stories about Kejriwal. As if Kejriwal is some God sent angel to Delhi and Delhi is becoming Ram Rajya

However I live in Delhi, I have lived in Delhi since birth for the past 38 years and fact is that THERE is NO change at least as of now in what Delhi was before Kejriwal became the Chief Minister.

The auto drivers in Delhi still don’t go by meter. They formed the biggest supporter chunk of Kejriwal but they only have not changed themselves – for them it’s fleecing and cheating of customer as usual. In fact earlier – the Congress Govt. made a rule that the aam aadmi can actually complaint the police if the Auto Driver doesn’t go by meter and the AAP Govt actually “reversed “this decision!

Now the police cannot intervene and fine an auto driver if he is fleecing the customer

Now – coming on to that famous anti corruption help line which Kejriwal has started with much fanfare.

I don’t know how many know it BUT Gujrat and Chattisgarh Governments have this type of number for much longer now. In Fact, even the previous Shiela Dixit led Congress Government also had a dedicated help line number of vigilance department for the aam aadmi – it is there still on the Delhi Government’s website.

But obviously media (news) will not tell this to anyone – for they want to promote only one party and one leader now. The child may continue to take the camel as ghost – why should media educate the child if it is actually paid to let the child remain uneducated

Interestingly, the Times of India did a more farcical survey today. For those who didn’t read it, The Times of India supposedly carried news about a survey which it did in 8 big cities of India and as per this survey 46% of people want AAM AADMI PARTY in Lok Sabha and they will vote for AAP in Lok Sabha.

However 58% would like to see Modi as the next PM and 21% are Kejriwal and only about 15% for Rahul Gandhi as PM.

Well this was the main headlines and it is what gathers the main attention. In the times of instant food culture not many people go for the entire news or its analysis and headlines makes their news.

Now, let me break the news further and try and educate you on the implications of the News so that you people can judge if it is a camel or a ghost!

Truth is:
As per the paper the sample size was about 2100 people IN TOTAL. This means about 200 people per city (8 cities). Now these top 8 cities of country have about 34 seats. This means that the sample size of survey is about 60-65 voters per Lok Sabha seat! Each Lok Sabha seat has a voter base of about 10 lac voters. Hence as per the esteemed TOI report – 60 people sample for 10 lac voters is enough

Second truth: out of these current 34 seats, BJP has ONLY 6 seats as given below;

  • Delhi: BJP is having 0/7
  • Mumbai: 1/10
  • Hyderabad: 0/4
  • Kolkata: 0/3
  • Chennai: 0/3
  • Bangalore: 3/4
  • Ahmadabad: 2/ 2
  • Pune: 0/1

Therefore it means that the BJP as such have been weak in these cities and if we take the other side of the figure, if 46% are for AAP then at least 50% would be for BJP – assuming Congress being negligible and out of the race.

This means that BJP will get at least 4% more votes than AAP which further mean BJP will clean sweep these 8 cities and win at least 75% of the seats in these cities – way more than 6 or 20% of seats it is currently holding in these cities.

However the headlines of the article were designed in a manner which made AAP as the winner on a sham and farcical poll of having sample of just 60-70 people in a Lok Sabha seat of around 10 lac voters!

This is the classic case of: STOP – Not let go AND STOP NOT – let go!

If you all would know, there is an internet based news site with the name of First Post – which is internet arm of CNN-IBN. First Post has a section where readers comment on a news item and the registered and logged in users have a right to either like OR dislike the comments made by the fellow readers.

Like all other major media (news) verticals, First Post also carried a news article about AAP on the Times of India survey and got a heavy traffic of readers and their comments.
I also made a comment where in I asked the readers of this article to “like” my comment if they would like to see MODI as PM and “dislike” my comment if they wanted to see Kejriwal as PM.

Not surprisingly – 170 readers liked Modi and ONLY 7 readers liked Kejriwal for PM as on 10:30 PM – about 10 hours of posting this comment on website.
(Please look under “best” comment category as it was the most popular comment of the day)

narendra modi for pm 2014

Narendra Modi for PM 2014 – Modi for PM org

Now the First Post reader is the true sample of Indians living in big cities – most of its readers are from the big cities mentioned above.

This was a LIVE survey and no one can vote more than once and the results were actually 95% in favor of Modi!

So, please get proper education, think and don’t take a camel as to be a ghost.
We need to educate ALL our known ones – they should know the truth. Kejriwal is just a proxy by Congress to stop Modi – I exposed this in my previous blog also.

Pallav Johri
Modi for PM Org. Team Member

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