It is not at all they just saw games like rust/dayz(assuming

I’m not playing a PvP Fallout game

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canada goose I stopped playing Rust because it went from PvE running from zombies (yes I have had it that long) to PvP arena deathmatch mode 24 / 7. canada goose

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Edited TLDR: If its like Rust have a no PvP mode. It is not at all they just saw games like rust/dayz(assuming the rumors are true) and thought that’s a cool concept but it hasn been done right yet let see what we can canada goose outlet new york do. Just like fallout shelter was with mobile games they wanted to get their fingers in that genre. Let not act like it more than it is. It is a new fallout game but not a canada goose outlet mall core game (and thought this may not be what we like about fallout it is a great world for a dayz/rust type of game if done right). and if it is not what you want that is ok BUT canada goose outlet location please please don buy it. You only hurt yourself and the industry by buying game canada goose outlet uk sale that you won’t like. Then you will just have to wait canada goose outlet uk fake what 8 10 year for fallout 5 like you were already going too.

Canada Goose online First, stepping in that direction could mean competing with other live service models. So, what game is this competing for? If it doesn want he Fallout fans, but new casual players who like coop, pvp, and canada goose jacket outlet toronto building things. They think they can actually compete with Fortnite in its current state? Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka It shouldn be (barring unmitigated disaster) a canada goose parka uk Deadspace moment. It hopefully won also be like Sea of Thieves. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats on sale Destiny 2 seemed to double down and learn from the wrong things, with each new move canada goose outlet toronto factory eroding every ounce of goodwill further. At this point, they will need a majority of new players since most vocal Destiny fans left with D2. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket At worst, it be Deadspace coop with microtransactions and abandoning aspects which made the franchise a hit canada goose premium outlet with fans? And with every game seemingly wanting a live service model, there is only so much money to go around. Especially when a building PvP game canada goose outlet london that F2P with microtransactions that throttling the cultural zeitgeist exists. (Fortnite)Well sure, and little games like Shelter I think are fine, but when Bethesda spends their time and money making a full AAA game (which, to be fair, may not necessarily be the case here) that is (seemingly) some kind of PvP game when they could have spent that time and money making a New Vegas style RPG, I think it understandable for fans to be a little peeved. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale It like, if Christopher Nolan suddenly announced his next movie would be in the style of Wes Anderson. Like, canada goose outlet edmonton okay, yeah, it might be good, but give me more Dark Knight. If you took someone who has never seen ANYTHING about Fallout 4 but knows about the Fallout canada goose uk franchise, you canada goose outlet winnipeg could probably guarantee they expect it to be an RPG canada goose clearance sale.

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