Glistening Roads and Flying Vehicles – Gujarat Development Under Modi

All the Government secretaries are I.A.S officers in Tamil Nadu. Generally speaking, they are classified as Pro-Government or Anti Government I.A.S officers. Here it is a rare phenomenon to appoint an I.A.S officer who is well qualified and well versed to deal with the affairs of the department on which he heads. M.B.B.S., B.E., and C.A degree holders are serving as I.A.S officers. But M.B.B.S degree holder may be serving in finance department while C.A degree holder will be serving in Health department. B.E degree holder will serve in Veterinary Department. We never consider accommodating them in the department in which they are qualified, fit and have the expertise.

How Gujarat Developed Under Guidance of Narendra Modi?

It can be argued that once qualified as an I.A.S officer, he is common to all departments. But his knowledge and expertise are wasted if he is not in the suitable department. I.A.S officers require consultations and other technical details from the experts of the department in which they head. If he too is knowledgeable of his department, it will be an added advantage. Hence S. Rathore who is a skilled senior engineer (though not an I.A.S Officer) has been appointed by Narendra Modi as Government Chief Secretary to Roads and Buildings Department. If an expert himself heads the department, he need not rely on other engineers for each and every decision. He will not be misled in important technological issues. This attitude of appointments seems to be healthy and fruitful. As far as roads are concerned, Gujarat has emerged as the greatest state in India. To attain this grandeur, such small attitudinal change may be the reason.

Narendra Modi - Development Man - Vikas Purush

Gujarat Development Under Narendra Modi

National Highways account for 3200 km in Gujarat. The remaining 1 lakh km roads are state owned roads. Of which 70 thousand km roads are well laid perfect roads. Road laying in Gujarat is never done in a thoughtless manner. Proper schemes are planned. ‘Pragathibath’ ‘Vikasbath’ ‘Pravacibath’ are the special projects by which roads are laid.

‘Pragathibath’ is a project in which roads are joined across Gujarat in breadth and length. In 6-8 hours one can reach from one end to the other end of the state. The roads contain 4-6 lanes. The vehicles fly in the glistening roads like birds. One can travel in 80-90 km speed on the roads. Nine high speed roads for 3710 km length have been laid.

‘Vikasbath’ is a project for towns. In by pass roads, we will be driving in 80 km speed but when we enter into a town our speed goes down greatly. To avoid that, the roads in towns have been broadened, service roads are laid and platforms have been constructed. Even in towns, one can travel with the same speed as one travels in by pass road. ’Vikasbath’ project ensures this facility. In 187 towns, 331 roads to the length of 856 km have been broadened to our surprise. Due to this scheme, the busy streets in towns have no traffic jam at all.

‘Pravacibath’ is a project which is meant for enhancing tourist places. Roads joining 76 tourist places are improved significantly. Nearly 1000 km roads have been broadened to reach the tourist spots easily. ( In comparison with it Kanyakumari-Rameswaram coastal road in Tamil Nadu brings us bloody tears in our eyes.)

How Narendra Modi’s Vision gave Gujarat’s Infrastructure a Required Boost?

Apart from these projects, a scheme with the intention of joining the roads of 26 district head quarters has been implemented. At least 55 roads have to be widened to 30 feet roads. The work has been completed in 35 roads. In the remaining 25 roads, broadening work is carried out with all the fervor.

As per the statistics of the Chief Secretary, Roads and Buildings Department S.Rathore, 324 km roads are 6 lane roads. 1863 km roads are 4 lane roads. 3500 km roads are more than 30 ft. roads. All these are state highways. On the contrary, in Tamil Nadu, except national highways, no state highways are 4 lane roads. Gujarat does not stop with the improvement and maintenance of roads. When the Central Government’s national highway enters into Gujarat, the highway should be broad and comfortable. Hence the State Government has broadened and improved Ahmadabad – Rajkot national highway as a toll road. The road will be handed over to Central Government as soon as the expense is recovered from toll. With such an agreement, Gujarat Government under Narendra Modi has improved national highway extensively.

Private sector institutions can lay the roads, maintain them and collect the toll (P.O.T). Such projects are implemented more only in Gujarat. The laying of roads are exceptionally good as they get the right to collect toll for 10-12 years. The 1st (P.O.T) road Ahmadabad – Mesenna highway has been laid by L &T Company 9 years before. Gujarat Road and Infrastructure Company maintains the highway. The road is fresh as if it is laid yesterday. Along with 4 lanes service lane too goes hand in hand. Trees and Gardens on both sides of the road make the journey pleasant.

10% of total budget is allotted for the upkeep and improvement of the roads. Gujarat Government has spent 11 thousand crores on roads for the past 5 years.

Government alone need not plan and lay the road. Even a contractor can plan for it. What is expected of him is that he should send a quotation to the Government indicating the road to be widened or newly laid briefing the reason. If the Government approves the quotation, it is being published in newspapers consecutively for 3 Mondays. If other companies come forward to lay the road at a lesser cost, it will be sanctioned to them. Before that, the Government will consult the first company who sent the project for scrutiny. If it is prepared to do at a lesser cost, the preference will be given to them. Such a scheme is rare in other states in India. Certainly it is a new idea.

In Chennai Mount Road, if two lanes are reserved and allotted for the plying of Government city buses without any traffic ………… a dream but in Gujarat it has come true.

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