But if you gonna broadcast something

Streamers popularizing toxic behavior

Its probably canada goose outlet montreal because you were far removed from the harassment/not there in person. They might consider that hear say.I have canada goose outlet winnipeg address reported harassment I have https://www.pick-canadagoose.com witnessed before that was not targeted at me but I was present for and it was taken seriously with a GM contacting me, asking me questions, and thanking me for standing up for other players.So if you actually see someone do it while you are personally in Eureka, then you canada goose factory outlet can definitely say report it.EDIT: Lots of responses that are contrary to my experience so mine seems like the canada goose outlet black friday isolated incident. Don know why they responded to me canada goose jacket outlet uk in that canada goose outlet reviews case. Or in this case, the ToS.I never reported a streamer before though, but perhaps there multiple canada goose outlet store montreal things you can do. Report them directly to SE (since you should have the streamers IGN, and twitch url), report them on Twitch as well as they should discourage toxic playstyle too, canada goose outlet online store review and lastly. do not support this streamer anymore by giving them viewership counts.But yea, to answer canada goose outlet phone number your question. So yeah, they should hold themselves to higher standards, because whatever they do has a far bigger impact by definition.Now of course everyone should be held to good standards. But if you gonna broadcast something, if you gonna set yourself as a role model, you should still be above that even.There canada goose outlet store quebec a thing called the broken window theory canada goose parka outlet uk places that are canada goose outlet jackets dilapidated tend to see more crime. I believe this is the digital version toxic streams will encourage toxic behaviour. The average streamer, ones who do it for fun or do it casually, I wouldn hold to any kind of standard. A lot of people, I imagine, don stream for canada goose shop uk the responsibility of leadership or community. Let those people do as they will; they eventually stop or be sorted out by the larger community.Community leaders and major streaming figures? Yes, to an extent. King Gothalion is one of my favorite examples for Destiny (some may disagree). During D1 life, KG promoted the game, played with the community, and gave D1 his canada goose outlet miami support and criticism. He was a voice of the community and one many people followed. However, it doesn mean he was always canada goose outlet london uk gentle. There are many instances where, on his personal Twitter page, he made examples of people official canada goose outlet flaming him or belligerently disagreeing with him. Does he handle those in the best way? No. Is it something that is 100% professional? No. I think the same standard as everyone else is good enough. If they do things against TOS, they should be reported. Especially if they admit it. A confession of intent makes the case pretty clear cut for the GMs looking through the logs and they can canada goose outlet new york dole out the warnings or punishment as necessary.If a streamer wants to hold themselves to a higher standard, then that goose outlet canada great! If they don that their choice. If it is against the ToS of the game then I think it is upon the company to enact canada goose victoria parka outlet on canada goose kensington parka uk it and dissuade future streamers of such actions.The problem lies with an individual repeating it over and over, though so far everyone gets revived. As for the whole training mobs onto other people, There have been other posts showing GMs actively telling people to report the behavior because it is against the ToS so they can take action. Meh. It canada goose outlet extremely obvious who doing it but when those guilty of it stay in the game for months if not years after they reported, it begins to feel like the only one who an idiot is you for not running a bot yourself. I mean, it clear it much more efficient to run a gathering bot or a Frontline bot while you at work and then come home to significant gains that you otherwise wouldn have had. It all well and good to have a ToS but Square not exactly known for enforcing it equally.

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