Your father was emotionally abusive towards you and others and

There is nothing Troy Slade loves more than ranching except maybe women as long as they aren’t interested in any long term commitments. He has seen firsthand how love can tear a man’s life apart. But when he meets Alex, she touches a nerve he doesn’t want touched and makes him long for a family of his own.

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Replica Bags Your sisters have schizophrenia, a disease that is notoriously difficult to manage and usually takes a toll on the family. As you said, growing up in that chaotic environment had a negative impact upon you. Your father was emotionally abusive towards you and others and this experience undoubtedly left you scarred. Replica Bags

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He convinced her that it would be okay or that they had to do something and she believed him. I think he manipulated or brainwashed his wife into complying with his twisted desires. I’m assuming it’s his wife that he sexually/assaulted and confined against her will, etc.

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