The void left behind is palpable

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Update Feb 20, 2012: My darling Mom died February 15, in my home, in my arms just as I had hoped. The void left behind is palpable, but she taught me that the show must go on so on I go. I’m thankful to have the best friends in the world to boost me up and get me through the coming years.

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Is there any place so boundlessly captivating as a replica hermes birkin 35 jungle? Its labyrinth of green. Its rich botanical promise. Its seemingly infinite swarm of life. If you found yourself being harassed at the local grocery store, you’d tell the staff and expect them to do something about it. If they refused, you’d shop elsewhere. But public education is built on compulsion, not choice.

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Bill actually paid people to go to school. It was massively expensive and opposed by conservatives as stupid and socialist. This investment in our people paid for itself many, many times over through increased tax receipts alone. One suggestion I seen people make is that you don occasionally find an NPC related to Incursion or Delve. Once you find them once, you find them every map until finished. For example, you may not find Alva for 20 or so maps, but once you do, you find her every map until you finish your temple.

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