The True Face of National Food Security Bill – Narendra Modi for PM 2014

Truth Behind National Food Security Bill

National Food Security Bill - Modi for PM Org

National Food Security Bill – Modi for PM

This is a story of 2 small farmers, who lived in a remote village. Both of them had their parents, wife and 3 children in their late teens and early 20’s to care for. Each had just 1 acre of land, which could engage only the farmer and his wife, and not the children. The children didn’t have any jobs. Life was pretty difficult for all of them, as the income from 1 acre was grossly inadequate to feed the 2 families.

Driven to the wall, the first farmer sold away the land and used the money to feed the family members. The second farmer told the children that they had to go out and somehow get some work,… any work, somewhere,… anywhere, which they did. With the money they earned and his own farm income, the second farmer not only managed to feed all the family members, but also saved a little and started buying more land, so his children could also be employed in the field if they were unable to get higher income jobs.

Which of these farmers do you think is smarter and more responsible? Which of them do you think will survive in the long run? Which of these farmers do you like? Which of these farmers would you like to be? If it is the first farmer, you may like to vote for the Congress led UPA. If it is the second farmer, read on…

The Government collects Taxes – National Food Security Bill

Some of this money should go towards running the Government & its machinery, which is like feeding the family. The rest of the money is meant to create roads, railways, ports, industrial infrastructure, etc which can employ crores of people, which in turn can create more employment and generate more income for future generations.

What is NERGA and National Food Security Bill?

What is NREGA? What is National Food Security Bill? These schemes are akin to the farmer selling family land and feeding the children. He creates no motivation or necessity for his children to work. Since his land is also gone, very soon, there will be almost zero income for the family. This is what UPA is doing.

Though some of the family members may initially be happy that they get fed without having to do any work, the family is moving towards catastrophe. We need to educate our family members, viz., the people, that National Food Security Bill is dangerous.

Why does UPA do this? Unlike the 2 poor farmers in the story who try to genuinely to feed their families, the politicians in power in the UPA amass wealth for themselves & their own families, and they don’t have to feel for the future of the Aam Aadmi, because they are not really their true kith and kin.

Five to six decades of the Congress rule, including the Garibi Hatao slogan of Indira Gandhi, didn’t drive out poverty from India. Whereas sincere hard work of many Asian countries like Korea brought their poor out of poverty. NREGA didn’t drive out poverty from India either; it became a scheme for the corrupt politicians to siphon off Government money, handing down alms (instead of jobs) to the poor. Will National Food Security Bill do any better? It will be the next scam that we’ll talk about before the next General Elections, if we voted Congress and UPA to power now.

Do we want jobs and good life for ourselves and our future generations or just alms for as long as the country can afford?

If we still vote for Congress and the UPA,…may God save India!

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By admin , January 17, 2014


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