Prior to turning 19 years old

At about the same time, services such as housing, education and health care were being relocated to nearby Fort Chipewyan.As a result, “members had little choice but to abandon their homes on reserve and relocate to Fort Chipewyan,” the letter stated.Once in Fort Chipewyan, members were deemed to be living off reserve and were no longer protected by tax and other exemptions under the Indian Act.The Indian Act and treaties signed between the Crown and First Nations exempt band members from paying tax on personal property and income that’s situated on their reserve.Fort Chipewyan sits on Lake Athabasca and the edge of Wood Buffalo National Park. It is home to many people from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. (David Thurton/ CBC News)For the past 10 years, ACFN has been lobbying for a mixed municipal and reserve designation.In the past, Adam said the municipality was unwilling to support the idea, but on Tuesday, council voted in favour.Council will write a letter of support, asking the federal government to approve the creation of a reserve within the hamlet.Councillors also asked the administration to work with ACFN to iron out the kinks of a new service and governance agreement within the hamlet.

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What is the blood in her lap? Brother??
No Nusrat is not able to think.

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