Mai Bhi Aam Aadmi hoon


In current day, AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) started their Drive in name of “Mai Bhi Aam Aadmi hoon” to make new members. You are requested to please ask following few Questions to AAPtards. Give your identity as Desh Bhakta or ek aam aadmi. Try to argue hard…

Questions that needed to be Answered by AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)

  1. What is his stand on Kashmir, Indian Army and Hindu Terrorism with respect to Bhushan’s comments?
  2. Why dreaded Maoist leaders such as Mr. Binayak Sen, who have been convicted by Court, are in AAP core Reforms team?
  3. Medha Patkar Joins hand with AAP. Medha Patkar opposed Sardar Sarovar Dam in Foreign Inerests?
  4. AAP Party’s leader Kumar Vishwas insulted Hindu God as well as Mohd Paygammber. Why one should Vote this party?
  5. Why AAP is always attacking BJP and Narendra Modi? We never heard AAP attacking o Rahul Gandhi or Soniya Gandhi. Why? (Answer: It is believed that Sonia Gandhi had written a letter to oblige Arvind Kejriwal not to be transfer from Delhi. In return AK never attacked Sonia)
  6. What does AK think of the Martyrdom of Mohanchand Sharma in Batla House?
  7. Before Election, AK was telling that he has 370 Pages proof against Sheila Dikshit, and can lodge complaint against her within 7 Days. What was to problem why he still didn’t lodge complaint against her? Does AK wait for 2014 LS Election, to get publicity?
  8. In Delhi, you got Vote in name of RAPE CAPITAL. However, still the numbers of RAPE in Delhi is increasing.. What is your action plan against this?
  9. Imam Bukhari who has dozens of arrest warrants against him and was openly seen for calling for Islamic Rule in India, Kejriwal has been seen with him on occasions, would he clarify his relations with him?
  10. Is there any personal reason why Kejriwal chose not to speak against Navin Jindal and Pawan Bansal on matters of Scams and Corruption?
  11. Kejriwal intelligently did an expose on Nitin Gadkari naming him in an irrigation scam, but he really didn’t mention that it was Sharad Pawar & family which was in power for over a decade in Maharashtra
  12. What was the reason that Bharat Mata picture was removed in later Anshans/protests by Kejriwal?
  13. What was the reason for his Media Byte – “We dont want support from communal people” on question asked by a journalist about RSS providing food during their Anshan when at a later stage, AAP workers who went for Relief work in Uttarakhand, were found gobbling food in Baba Ramdev’s camp, which was meant for Flood Victims?
  14. Why is Kejriwal utterly silent on Himachal CM Virbhadra Singh of Congress, when he faced so many serious allegations?
  15. Many of AAP Leaders / Founders were related to National Advisory Council (NAC), who drafted anti-Hindu “Communal Violence Bill”
  16. Who asked Kejriwal to go on Aamaran Anshan (fast unto death) and later break his fast by drinking water from a Steel Glass (he wasn’t asked for either of the two)
  17. What was the reason of him for writing a letter to Muslims saying Batla house encounter was fake and Ishrat Jahan was an innocent who was killed in Fake encounter?
  18. Before Election, AK was telling that he will not take or give supports from either BJP or Congress. They will prefer re-election, if any party will not get clear majority. What is the reason in joining hands with Congress?
  19. Why AAP decided to contest Loksabha election from the states, where BJP has presence? (It is believed that AAP is supporting PORNgress in dividing the anti-incumbent votes)?
  20. Why you gave entry to Kamal Farooqui (Ex SP Leader), who on arrest of Yasin Bhatkal said, that he was arrested because he is Muslims…?
  21. 21. For Sting Operations of AAP candidates, AAP was asking Raw Footage. However, for sting operation of Officials of Jal Board, you never demanded Raw Footage. Why double Standard by AAP?
  22. Also why does Kejriwal handpick Gujarat in citing examples of encounters on terrorists when the number of encounters in Congress ruled Maharashtra and AP, north eastern states and Uttar Pradesh are much higher?
  23. Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharati is under the scanner for allegedly tampering with evidence in a corruption case. AK says, Court is wrong. Why?
  24. 24. There were allegations on Kejriwal that he siphoned off extra salary during his tenure as IAS officer. He refused the charges, but returned the extra salary he had taken to the department. If he had not taken illegal salary why did he return it?
  25. AAP was forthcoming in demanding investigation of encounters of alleged terrorists Ishrat Jahan and Shahzad of Batla house. Why did he not ask for investigation of alleged murder of RTI activist & AAP member Santosh Koli?
  26. Delhi Child & Women Minister Ms Rakhi Birla, in her Affidavit, didn’t mention about Car. However, few days after forming Govt, he lodge FIR that someone attacked her Car and broke the Windscreen.
  27. Why AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal & his wife were never transferred out of Delhi in their entire career (20 years) if they were fighting against Corrupt Govt. unlike Ashok Khemka or Durga Shakti? Even though the norms of the service are that all IRS officers serve a posting only for minimum 3 years in a place‘?
  28. What are Kejriwal’s achievements as an IRS Officer?
  29. Why did Kejriwal not campaign for the BJP govt. of Uttarakhand in the last Assembly elections, as they had promised even when they passed exactly the same Lokayukta Bill that team Anna wanted, although Kejriwal is silent on Congress removing most of its content from the bill after it came to power last year in Uttarakhand.
  30. During his tenure as IAS officer, how many corrupt people did Arvind kejriwal bust? He says corruption is deep rooted, therefore he must have busted a lot of corrupt officials during his tenure as IAS officer.
  31. He set up an Internal Lokpal to investigate Corruption of AAP members such as Mayank Gandhi, Damania etc. How was the process carried out and how is Internal Lokpal of AAP any different than CBI investigating Congress?
  32. What was the need for AAP leader to work with Congress candidate’s husband Sanjeev Bhatt against Narendra Modi just before Gujarat election in 2012 to do a fake expose which was later quashed.
  33. Why are there no details of individual donors and corporate donors on any website of your NGOs? Is it a fact that the NGO Kabir, with whom you are closely associated, received $172,000 in 2005 and $197,000 in 2008 from Ford Foundation?
  34. Even when it came to UP Riots, Kejriwal blamed Modi and Amit Shah and faintly mentioned Samajwadi Party, when in reality 2 Congress ex MP’s were booked and BSP, SP MP’s were found inciting violence. Why this soft corner in not naming Congress responsible for UP Riots?

Tried to compile important questions. However, if any question missed, please let me know so that I can share the same to other members.

Thanking you,
Member of Modi for PM Org.

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By admin , January 18, 2014


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