Let’s not forget that it is all because of MEN

V is a classic is uncomfortable, until you have a simple v neck t shirts command. This time, there are a lot of different applications, first of all, you can wear the clothes, it seems random, but without style. It’s a perfect. But, there are a few things I’m worried about that I was wondering any current cadets could answer:If I have a 3.6 GPA (3.8 when weighted for AP and honors classes) and a 1400 SAT, what are my scholarship possibilities? Are there other factors the program looks at when considering scholarships?Do you still live a normal college experience? As in, can you still party and do fun shit with friends? Or do you constantly have the responsibility of integrity for your scholarship looming over you? (worry of having it revoked)If I study in the aerospace engineering field and enroll in AFROTC, what are the odds I serve my four year active duty requirement as an actual engineer in the AF? Do you actually have any control over what you’re deployed to do/where you are deployed?Are ROTC graduates actually ever deployed to active war zones after completion of the program? As in, if I took AROTC would they actually consider sending a kid who’s never been to bootcamp as an infantry officer to the middle east?How difficult is the physical training? How many days a week, and how rigorous?Related to 5: How much of a pain is it waking up early for training? Does it fuck up your performance in class? Does training continue regularly during finals?Is it awkward wearing a uniform around campus?Thanks to anyone that helps me out. Feel free to ask follow ups.I had a 3.77 GPA in High School, and a 2040 SAT on the 2400 scale. I’m also an Eagle Scout and was a two sport varsity athlete.

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