I vote for him over any Republican if he won the primary

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They do not want to put the effort into writing a decent question. I don know how to respond, I feel pretty attacked. I trying to make a suggestion to improve what I see as a gap in the system here. I vote for him over any Republican if he won the primary. But I think he would not be as effective as president as many other Democrats.Which is my point. It not Bernie personally.

canada goose outlet online That was how most of the stifling afternoon proceeded on Friday, August 4, a critical day in the Sheena Bora murder trial, when the prosecution’s main witness was interrogated by the defence, in its first session, in Courtroom 51, south Mumbai’s sessions court.Shyamvar Rai, the Mukerjeas’ former driver and accused turned approver, greeted most of the queries put to him by the fierce, stern Sudeep Pasbola, Indrani Mukerjea’s lawyer, and key member of the large defence team, with blank faced declarations of not remembering.CBI special court Judge Jayendra C Jagdale faithfully put them down on record, over and over, for him: “I cannot recollect. I cannot recollect. I cannot recollect.”Like a song with only a tired chorus.The “yaad nahin”s were so canada goose outlet in vancouver many that when former Star CEO and Accused No 3 Peter Mukerjea, through his senior lawyer Shrikant Shivade, once again appealed to the judge for a place in front, so he could hear his own trial, Judge Jagdale asked why.”You can hear Pasbola,” indicating that the lawyer spoke stridently enough for everyone to hear in the room.Shivade pursued it further, “But he can’t hear the witness’ answers.”Judge Jagdale shot back, smiling broadly under his walrus moustache, “But 70 per cent of the answers he (Rai) has given are that he cannot recollect!” at which the over crowded courtroom burst into gales of laughter.If Rai who was the Mukerjeas’ driver for eight years, mainly driving Indrani and daughters Vidhie and Sheena around looked uncomfortable by the end of his previous day in court, August 1, on Friday he looked even more sad and worried, constantly flexing his shoulders in an unconscious gesture, as if pulling himself together.Or at times scuffing the railing of the witness stand with his bare toes (sandals were left below when he entered the stand).Wearing a cream/beige bush shirt with khaki trousers, he would also widen or pop his eyes every canada goose outlet black friday sale time he was asked a question, then think, for up to a minute, as if framing a special answer, but come back with an unadventurous, forlorn “yaad nahin” for the 50th time.That led someone to comment that the Mukerjeas’ former driver could remember every www.canadagoosevipca.com detail of Sheena Bora’s alleged murder five years ago, including on what day he took Indrani to the beauty parlour, and the canada goose parka uk brands of liquor he bought, but was unable to recall anything subsequently or more recently.But in spite of the real or manufactured anguish that at canada goose outlet toronto location times crossed his face, Rai, who most of the time appears, strangely, gentle and guileless, still kept it together, in the face of the non stop onslaught from the defence, canada goose outlet 80 off over two and a half hours.Apart from what was being said out loud in the room, between defence, witness and prosecution, there was much that was pointedly unsaid, but was equally loud and audible canada goose outlet online.

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