Big wireless, in some shape or form, is not going away

Cell Phone Addiction

canadian goose jacket I suspect you may have noticed at your local shopping mall or airport that people are constantly reaching for and checking their cell phones. Do we have a cell phone addiction? You be the judge. Today’s cells phones are used for a lot more than just making phone calls. We text each other using our canada goose outlet ottawa cell phones even more than we make calls. In fact, teenagers have been known to text thousands of messages each month. With smart phones we now have easy internet access and thousands of great apps all at our finger tips. canadian canada goose outlet official goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets In the United States today there are over 300 million cell phones and the number grows each day and this industry generates almost canada goose factory outlet $200 billion dollars a year In the United States alone. Many people have more than one cell phone. Children ten years old and some even younger now have cell phones and more and more canada goose kensington parka uk seniors are signing up. As a nation, we have developed a full blown cell phone addiction. I haven’t even touched on China which is just now starting to build it’s our cell phone canada goose outlet uk addiction. The numbers in China dwarf those anywhere else on earth. Here’s the funny thing, it’s really not our fault because as a species we’re genetically programmed to communicate. The cell phone is just making possible what we can’t help which is communicate and communicate often. canada goose outlet black friday sale Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket Given the habitual and obvious cell phone addiction humans have and given there is very little we can do to help ourselves how would one tap into this gigantic stream of money? Think about it, if they make the right moves, Verizon, Sprint, AT and T Moblie are positioned to make hundreds and hundreds of billions of canada goose outlet jackets dollars. Big wireless, in some Canada Goose Outlet shape or form, is not going away. But what if you could build your own subscriber base and make money on each monthly bill? How much could that be worth and how would canada goose outlet germany you do it? But, why would someone leave big wireless as a customer? What would drive them out of their arms and into yours? buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap Why do people change cell phone carriers? There are a lot of reasons, but changing carriers is often driven by cost. Did you know the average unlimited talk, canada goose outlet woodbury text and internet monthly canada goose outlet new york city bill with big wireless companies is well over $100? And roughly 25% of the monthly bill with big wireless is canada goose outlet in toronto from state and local taxes! buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose sale Given that cell phones are everywhere and we all seem to have the same cell phone addiction, it’s not too big of a stretch to imagine there must be canada goose outlet michigan a few people out there unhappy with their cell phone provider because it costs too much. What an ideal business model! Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance sale In this model, the customer, tired of $100 monthly bills and eager to buy a less expensive plan with you, the seller and you get to pocket, say canada goose outlet price somewhere between 1% and say 10% of their monthly bill. For sake of example, let’s say the monthly bill is $60 a month for canada goose outlet online store unlimited talk text and internet under this business model. Now let’s say over a year’s time you were able to attract just 100 new subscribers. At 10% that would equal $600 each month! It adds up quickly! canada goose clearance sale

canada goose canada goose outlet black friday deals Now that’s an interesting business model. Just for fun, what if over five years you were able to grow your subscriber base to 5,000 people? With a 10% residual that would generate $30,000 each month! I’m always fascinated with interesting business models that are based on something we can’t seem to live without. canada goose deals

canada goose Another thing I find amazing is those on welfare also often have a cell phone. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always thought of a cell phone as a quasi luxury. The fact that lots of people on welfare have a cell phone proves two things. First, cell phones are not a luxury anymore, because even those with a serious lack of funds see the cell phone as essential, right after food, housing and clothing. Second, knowing that the average unlimited cell phone bill costs over $100 a month, it’s fair to assume, almost canada goose outlet montreal all folks on welfare would be interested in a less expensive option. How about college students, many of whom are also strapped for money? Think canada goose factory outlet vancouver they might also be interested in saving money? How about the millions of cab drivers who also live on their cell phones? The canada goose outlet authentic list goes on and on. canada canada goose outlet buffalo goose

canada goose black friday sale Cell phone addiction is real and it’s not going away canada goose outlet online uk since canada goose outlet los angeles it’s hardwired into us as humans. The first company to figure out how to harness this is going to open an entirely new way to make some serious income canada goose black friday sale.

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