Arvind Kejriwal vs Narendra Modi – Who will you VOTE for PM?

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Hope you liked my earlier post, well no one asked me to remove him / her form the address list and I got a couple of likes- messages / mails, so I am assuming that we all are on the same frequency as far as Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of this country is concerned!

Anyways as I write this post, there is a massive story which is being played in all of the Indian media, and it is about Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal has achieved the unthinkable; he has sweet talked about Swaraj, Democracy etc from Ram Lila Maidan taking oath as Delhi’s 7th Chief Minister on 28th December 2013.
He has refused security and already he has given ultimatums to the corrupt Babus of Delhi! He went to the oath ceremony by metro and has refused the CM bungalow and wants a rather small flat in Delhi to live a NO frills life.

Now I have personally nothing against Kejriwal nor am I related to Modi by any imaginable chance. I even didn’t want to discuss or think about Kejrwail but I am literally forced into doing so by flux of my thoughts after being carpet bombed by Lord Kejriwal’s all good – better- best types news given by our media – almost non- stop

I would like to comment on Arvind Kejriwal vs Narendra Modi from 2 very different schools of thoughts both have their own respective validates and reasons and then would like to leave the rest to your individual intelligence.


Well, we all love conspiracy theories, No? Saas Bahu serials are our favorite past times and as Indian we love all and anything which is cynical and negative.

I have tried to understand the Kejriwal vs. Modi phenomenon through the eyes of an Ekta Kapoor’s script writer and here is what I assume:

  1. Arvind Kejriwal is essentially an invention of Congress’s dirty tricks company. Congress had realized that the Modi wave will drub them in the 2014 elections and they are almost certain to lose the power. Narendra Modi as PM with a refreshed BJP is the greatest possible threat to Congress and an even bigger threat to the Gandhi dynasty!
  2. The think tank of Congress believes that with Modi as PM of India, they can forget their ambitions of making Rahul Gandhi the prime minister for a long time. If Modi can do exemplary progress in Gujrat, he can surely inject the same growth and progress in whole India and if he indeed does so, he will become undefeatable and like Sachin Tendulkar,  will play a long unchallenged innings as the prime minister, same way he is doing so in Gujrat as a CM.
  3. Hence Narendra Modi in 2014 in a way means Modi in 2019, 2024 etc and it leaves Rahul Gandhi completely out of PM equation for a long time to come.
  4. Along with Congress and Gandhi family, numerous paid journalists and media houses will also go out of undue favor for a long time to come.
  5. India will grow immensely, not only politically but also economically and militarily, a problem for USA and China.
  6. With the above Modi phenomenon haunting Congress, Dynasty, leftist Media, Greedy Media and foreign powers, a despicable conspiracy got birth. This is of course besides the other similar conspiracies like Gujrat 2002 and Snoop gate!
  7. Arvind Kejriwal, an idealist but ambitious and budding politician became a pawn and central figure in this conspiracy.
  8. That Congress will lose in Delhi and in any case with BJP almost certainly forming the Government, the corrupt ministers and Babus of Congress in Delhi were to be tried and actions were to be taken – was a foregone conclusion. It is then better to let “one of you” make the Government and do the same job or in realty “pretend” to do the same job and become an even larger hero. A Sheila Dixit can easily be sacrificed for the “larger” cause as explained above. Bet, in few months poor Dixit will be trapped in a corruption case.
  9. Hence Congress and its backed Media gang propped up Shri. Arvind Kejriwal. Congress played Kejriwal in innumerable television sets across the country, got twitter and facebook trafficked heavily on the dose of Kejriwal. Similarly Arvind Kejriwal also like Rakhi Sawant & Poonam Pandey (incidentally both of these so called actresses also doesn’t deserve any media attention on the basis of their merits, they get it on the basis of their antics!) reveled in this new found heavy TV glare.
  10. Then started an unending antics’ circus from team Kejriwal. Delhi to get a new messiah, Delhi to get corruption free Government, no security for ministers, no red beacons (which incidentally has been already abolished by the Supreme Court), power to the aam aadmi, free water – etc .
  11. In the cacophony of all this, the statement of (was and could be AAP rebel) MLA Binny that he would “expose” something big in AAP got lost. Delhi and India finally got the 10th human reincarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Kejriwal.
  12. Having achieved this great feat, the media is now abuzz that how Arvind Kejriwal will now replicate the Delhi success in all of the India and stop Modi. No one cares to wait and watch how Kejirwal will govern Delhi and if he would be indeed able to deliver an efficient, “development inducing” and corruption free Government – they have already got their man to oppose Narendra Modi. For Modi, 15 years of great Governance and a corruption free progressive administration is suddenly “too little and too insignificant” to govern India and on the other hand, Kejriwal with not even 1 day of experience and with NO proven track record is a better bet as the prime minister of India!
  13. I bet, from now on the Kejriwal’s government will be a non-stop reality show with selective reporting on his success ( and failures – being un-reported ) and all the efforts will be made to make a hero out of him and demean the aura of NaMo.
  14. In 2014 an effort will be thus made to have a fractured mandate like in Delhi and we can very well see an AAP led Third Front Government taking the center seat in Delhi with outside support of Congress, Modi gone back quietly to Gujrat. Of course like Charan Singh or Chandershekhar this Government will not last beyond 6 months, Congress will take its support back and aspire to make a comeback in 2015 elections with a beaten and bruised Modi taking a back seat!

India will again not get the best man as its prime minister and Modi will remain Sardar Patel 2 and we will remain a rich country inhabited by poor people!

For all and any one, the above “conspiracy theory” is to be believed as per his / her own understanding and political inclination. The above perhaps is too well planned to be true for the skeptical mind but it is nonetheless a probability which is not impossible.

Please don’t fall for it, educate all your friends and near ones, we need to vote for Modi to have a respectable life and to ensure that our generations live in a better India!


Well for all those “neo fans” of Kejriwal and the political fence sitters who feel that the
above narrative is “too negative” to be true and “is not possible” as Kejriwal is indeed the
Anil Kapoor of Nayak, let’s take the picture in this way only and try to assess the two.
Well if it is so, I must say that Kejriwal comes across as a fresh current of air in the bad
jungle of Indian politics which is dominated by corruption, case, criminalization and all and
anything which is bad and immoral in the society.

Now whom should I VOTE? Arvind Kejriwal or Narendar Modi?

The answer lies in the following objective type questioning we are used to in our
competition exams!

Q.What sort of leader you want? How would like your father to be?

Choice 1: An idealist who lives a clean – corruption free life and delivers 21st century
socialism by providing free bijlee, paani. The AK Hangal of our politics.

Choice 2: A visionary who lives a cleaner and proven and endured corruption free life and
delivers growth and development. Does not provides free bijlee to even farmers, rather
uses this revenue collected to deliver a more progressive and development friendly

Q. Who can secure you better from an ever hostile neighborhood with 2 hostile and nuclear weapon countries with which we have already fought 4 wars?

Choice 1: An escapist / effete leader who can’t take decisions on his own and starts
blabbering and bad mouthing his opponents when pushed to the wall.

Choice 2: A strong man who stands and speaks while bombs are going off near him and do
not indulge in rabble rousing about the bombs going on, should the massive crowd of over
7 lacs not get excited and a major stampede / rioting doesn’t happen. A man who withstood
an entire Government machinery and media / NGO demonization for about 15 years and
yet does not utter a single foul word against any one.

Q. Who would you need to take economy to where it needs to be?

Choice 1: A leftist who thrives on frugality. One who is happy to live a saintly life and
wants to be happy in what you have rather than engineer your inner self to achieve
greatness and prosperity in life.

Choice 2: A man of action who understands the good things of life and wants to deliver it to
you. A life where NO dream is “compromise” and where we all get 21st century material
comforts with hard work and skill development.

Q. Who can remove poverty from this country and make us rich?

Choice 1: An eternal agitator whose idea of Governance is entire negativity in total and
who will bottle neck the system with his over the top ideas of controlling the “ corruption”.
One who will strangle the system with his farcical idealism and hence discourage
industrialization and entrepreneurship.

Choice 2: An eternal optimistic and fighter who knows that ONLY way to eliminate poverty
is to provide support to rich! Salvation of a worker is not in closing of or opposing of “rich
corporate” but is in encouraging “rich corporate” to invest more, surely in a transparent
and corruption free manner.

Q. What do you want in 2025 for your generations to come?

Choice 1: A 21st century version of erstwhile Soviet Union which was laidback, slow and
regressive state, ironically more corrupt than USA in terms of prevalence of corruption in
daily lives!

Choice 2: A United States of America which is bustling, vibrant, competitive and front
runner in the league of the nations.

Again I leave it on your individual discretion and choices as to what you would like to go
with. However if you have mostly chosen the Choice 2, please share this post and our website among as much people as you can.

Please note that small individual efforts when pooled together become a great team victory
as is reflected, ironically in the success of the AAP!

Please do whatever you can do to have this great nation achieve its greatness by having
Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of this country!



Pallav Johri
Modi for PM Org Team Member

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