7 Expectations of Rural and Urban People’s for Narendra Modi as PM

There has been lot of public debate these days about ‘Narendra Modi’ being projected as the PM candidate by BJP. The debates surrounding this seem endless with agenda whether ‘Narendra Modi’ will live to the expectations or will simply join the league of inefficient leaders.In my view, Narendra Modi (NaMo) is the real youth icon and is the right choice as 2014 PM. Being a youth of today’s generation, I personally have following expectation from future PM :

1. Quality of Education:

Improved quality of education at both academic as well as professional level constitutes the backbone of a nation. India stands nowhere when compared with the international system of education. The literacy rate of India has without a doubt improved in past few years but the measures implemented by the government require much better dynamic approach and the youth expects the same from the future Prime Minister.

2. Better Employment Opportunities:

Percentage of youth remains the highest in India and our young and jobless challenges the government to frame appropriate policies and their meticulous implementation so that the aspirations of the most important group of our society can be met. The adverse impact of the global crisis must least effect the youth.

3. Wipe Out Corruption:

As many as 90 percent of the youth that I interviewed said they expect a slow and gradual yet effective eradication of corruption that is rooted deep inside our political system. And we need a leader who makes a difference rather than blending into the same.

4. No Reservation Quota:

Yes, this point was raised umpteen times by the young and the thoughtful around me, including myself! Our government can build a new campus for those who do not belong to general category or fee concession can be considered for them but simply putting them in the place of someone who is more deserving is really frustrating at times. Each one of us has gone through this injustice one or more time and can empathize with one another.

Thus, no reservation for those who are capable enough to live a wealthy life and do not fall behind the general category in terms of money. (The creamy layer is a term used in Indian politics to refer to the relatively wealthier and better educated members of the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) who are not eligible for government sponsored educational and professional benefit programs).

5. Safety and Respect for Women:

How to make India safer for women was also one of the key areas of the discussion. A nation where women are not respected cannot advance forward. After the horrific Nirbhaya case, many of my young peers reckoned that they just can’t get her out of their head and expect a better application of the law in case of crimes against women.

6. Better Infrastructure:

Narendra Modi once said, “There is a need to lay emphasis on empowering the youth in the country, by giving them direction and infrastructure to grow.”

Infrastructure is a wide term. It includes everything from buildings to water and road system, rail networks and everything. In India, basic infrastructure seems problematic and is failing day by day. Reasons apart from it being a developed country is the lack of proper attention towards environment and growing population. The only solution seems to be is sustainable use of resources.

7. Family Planning:

Last but not the least, the family planning of our nation should be such that the men force remains feasible. Policies must be implemented in such a way that the young functions at a balanced rate. Government must make sure that on one hand, the population must not lead to explosion and on the other hand, it shall not be as low as that of Japan where the growth of the young is almost 0% and China which lacks youth power now due to its policy of one child per family . Family planning is thus, also an important attribute for amelioration of nation.

With such plentiful ideas, expectations and beliefs, the youth along with the rest of the country awaits the moment when the person destined to hold the throne of the Prime Minister gets a grip on it and clasps himself with the wishes and aspirations of the people of India with such devotion that all of the above expectations are effectuated.

Rishi Gupta
Modi for PM Team Member

modi for PM

By admin , January 10, 2014


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